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Best Universities and Colleges to Study Journalism or mass Communication Courses in Kenya


If you are planning to pursue a degree/diploma in journalism and mass communication,we have prepared a list of top universities in Kenya where to undertake your studies.

Based on employers reviews and job market for journalists,here ere top universities offering this course in Kenya

1. University of Nairobi
Being the top University in Kenya, employers tend to prefer graduates from the University of Nairobi more than those from other Universities.

Enrolling for a Degree Course in Journalism at the University of Nairobi gives you an upper hand over other graduates.

From Webometric ranking,UoN ranks the best university in Kenya,meaning regardless of the course you pursue at this university,employers must recognize you.Besides,you have advantage of being recognized beyond the country,implying that top companies like BBC,CNN and Aljazeera  will consider you for employment.

2. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)
The College has a good history of producing the best journalists in Kenya; most of the top journalist in the media industry graduated from here.

The University offers great practical skills which are highly relevant in the job market. Though they don’t offer degree courses, a Diploma from KIMC has more weight than a Degree from some useless universities in Kenya.

3. Daystar University
More than 50 percent of top journalists in our media industry are Daystar graduates. When an average Kenyan hears the name Daystar being mentioned his mind shifts to ‘Journalism’.

4. United States International University (USIA)
USIU is a top university in regards to the quality of education it offers especially for journalists; it has all the facilities a Journalism student requires to excel in their field. Besides, there is a radio station within the premises where students who pursue Journalism undertake their training.

USIU is also recognized in USA and other countries around the world.

5. Others to try include Maseno University, Moi University and Kenyatta University.

If we have not mentioned a University here, do your research!