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Kenyan Tribes With Sweetest Men in Bed



If you want to have a sweet man in Kenya, marry these men…they are tigers


Maasai men are ranked the best in regards to bedroom energy. Their strength, energy and masculinity makes them perform exemplary, beating all other men in the country.

Several white women have divorced their husbands just to have a piece of Maasai men.

The main reason why Maasai men tops this list is due to the herbs they take and the fact that they are naturally physically strong.


Kisii men are ranked second, few points below the Maasai.These people take their anger onto bed and can seriously damage a woman’s bedroom ego by doing what they do best.

A Kisii man loves food, and it’s evident his mouth is always munching. This same food is the main contributor to their energy in bed.

Luhya Men

Luhya men are also not left behind. For heaven’s sake, if you look at a Luhya man, the way he is cleverly curved and how he walks, you could tell this man is no joke in bed.

A Luhya is energetic by nature and physically strong, making him among the favourites in women’s radar.

Somali men

Yes you can look at a Somali man and say, ”oh how thin”, but let me tell you, this man has reserved energy for you and when he will do his job you won’t believe the energy he will unleash.

It is written that a Somali man must marry more than two women so as to satisfy his every demanding ninii.

Kalenjin men

Kalenjin men completes the list of top performers in Kenya. These men do it as if they are running a Chicago Marathon.He will do and do and do until you say “stop or I die”


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