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How to Pass CPA Exams–Tips to Passing KASNEB



Certified Public Accountants exam is one of the hardest examinations in Kenya, passing this exam is not easy.

When I was a CPA student, one of the things that shocked me is when I repeated Financial Reporting, which was not a difficult paper. Immediately I got the result, I found out that I had to repeat one of the 6 papers I had done. The good thing is that I managed to identify my mistake, which I rectified immediately my mind settled.

From previous performances, more than 40 % of students who sit for various CPA papers fail, ending up repeating even more than once. As a student who wants to avoid the trauma and pressure of repeating a paper which you could easily pass, you have to do this for you to avoid failing.

  1. Look for CPA notes

The first and most important thing to do is to look for CPA notes from credible institutions. This should be done as early as you thing of pursuing the course. I would recommend notes from Strathmore University, Start College of Management Studies, Vision Institute of Professionals and KCA.These are institutions which have history of training the best CPA and accounting students, they also have the best tutors for CPA.

  1. Join a College

The second thing to do is to join a college. This ideal for individuals who are in employment and can’t find time to have private studies. A college will save you time and energy you could use to read by yourself.

If you are a university student, there is no need of attending CPA classes, simply look for notes and read by yourself as you wait for exams.

  1. CPA past papers

Another important thing to do is to look for CPA past papers. The best place to get these papers is KASNEB offices in Upper Hill, where you are required to purchase them.

If you have past papers with solutions to questions, it will be easier to understand how CPA exams are set.

  1. Avoid Last Minute Studies

The worst mistake CPA students make is that they wait until weeks to exam then they start reading for the papers. This panic reading will not help; instead you will enter exam room blank. Immediately you register for exams, which happen in the month of February or August, make sure you sample notes and past papers and start reading as if the exam is happening the following day. Read consistently until the exam day.