Silly and Obvious Job Interview Questions Job Interview Panels Should Avoid



When you attend a job interview, you obvious expect to tackle numerous interview questions, some tough and others obvious, but there are few awkward questions the interview panel should avoid as much as possible.

Tell us about yourself

Now you have sent them a cover letter, a CV and other documents explaining who you are, what else do these people want?!!!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is an obvious job interview question which has appeared since Jesus was born. As a job seeker, I am not God to know what will happen to me in 5 years’ time…please give me a break.

Why do you want to work here?

Employers would want you to work for them so as to achieve their target. As a job seeker, it’s obvious you want to work for that employer for money. So the question of why do you want to work here is silly….the answer is money/salary.

What motivates you?

The interview should be ashamed of asking this question. We know every employee is motivated by money, period!!!!

What are your weaknesses?

Anyone in his/her right senses cannot reveal their weakest points. So the panel should just stop asking this question for they will receive a fake answer, fake as their question.

Can you list your strengths?

I mean, why would someone ask this silly question!!! I sent my CV and cover letter explaining my strengths; I don’t expect this boring question again.