Marry a Kisii Lady at Your Own Risk—Here is Why



Kisii ladies are not as good as you think when it comes to marriage and relationships. You are told to marry this woman at your own risk. Here are reasons why, despite being praised as wife materials, they make the worst partners.


Kisii women are ranked among the worst dressed women in Kenya. This woman, once married, would forget about fashion and starts wearing ”sengenge ni ngombe” t-shirts-the woman completely forgets about herself.

Not good in bed

If you want someone who is extremely boring, cold, disinterested and absolutely not innovative in bed, marry a Kisii woman. This lady is simply zero in regards to this very precious and natural entertainment.


The only beautiful Kisi woman i is one who is not married. Once this woman gets into your house, gives birth to her first born and ensures her parents receive dowry, you will see how her body bulges and widens like inflated balloon. With time you will be embarrassed to walk with her.


Most Kisii women have undergone FGM, meaning they are tasteless…they better be nuns.

Gossip and anger

Kisii women know less of anger management and more of gossiping. Once you provoke her, you will witness a real devil ,she will shout at the top of her voice and even tear her clothes to embarrass you. A Kisii woman doesn’t care who is around when she is quarelling;to make it worse, she will utter all the dirty words you know on this earth.

The worst about this woman is that Gossiping is her career…from morning till evening the mouth is releasing words, words, words and words about other people.


You will be lucky if you marry a Kisii woman who doesn’t belief in superstition. Everyday,even with a slight common cold, she will say,” I am being bewitched”. In the long run, she will for sure visit a witchdoctor.