Shocking Statistics Show More Than 40 % of Kalenjins Will Vote For Raila in 2017-Uhuru in Panic Mode



Latest statistics show Raila Odinga will be voted by 42 % of the Kalenjin population, with majority of the votes coming from South Rift, Isaac Rutto’s stronghold.

The survey, which was  secretly conducted by government operatives, revealed that the Kalenjin community is greatly dissatisfied by Ruto’s handling of Kalenjin affairs, arguing that he was elected to help the community but ended up eating alone, forgetting those who supported him.

The respondents in the survey said they are happy Jubilee has built a railway but they wonder how the project will directly affect them. Most of the parents who were among those interviewed said there are particularly bitter with the government for failing to create jobs for their children and also openly  tolerating corruption, a vice that is likely to bring down the country.

Majority of  residents in Rift Valley want change and since Uhuruto have been tested and found to be horrible, they want to test Raila, who they say is the real Joshua. They argue Ruto takes them for granted despite offering him overwhelming support in 2013, when he was almost jailed by ICC.

In the South Rift where Isaac Rutto is king, Raila is expected to garner more than 50 % of the votes, which translates to more than 300,000 votes.Raila is also expected to harvest big from Eldoret and Nakuru,which have significant number of Luhya,Kisii and Luo populations.