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Careers That Pay Better Than Law, Medicine and Engineering in Kenya



Traditionally, Law, Medicine and Engineering were regarded as the highest paying careers, resulting to a scramble for the few opportunities in our universities. But as years elapsed, other careers emerged, which are even better than the three courses.

Since we understand, Engineering, Medicine and Law are a hard nut to crack, it’s wise for an average student to select alternative courses, which are of course well-paying. Which is why we list some of the highest paying courses to pursue without sweat and earn more than the three professionals.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is known by few individuals who have either heard it from lecturers or their friends who are pocketing fat salaries. This course is tough but very rewarding.

Actuarial Science profession starts from college, where a student pursues BSc. Actuarial Science, thereafter he pursues the compulsory Actuarial papers offered by professional body, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

A qualified Actuary earns upwards of Ksh 300,000 per month. Most of them work for actuarial firms, government institutions and insurance companies.

Financial Analysts

Financial Analysts are individuals who have Chartered Financial analyst certification. These people can be traced to banks, CMA, NSE, stock brokers and insurance companies.

CFA is one of the toughest professional courses in the universe, but ranked the highest paying business related course. In Kenya, with CFA Level 3,you will pocket at least Ksh 180,000.If you are employed as a Financial Analyst with at least three years of experience and MBA,the minimum salary you will earn must exceed Ksh 300,000.

The only problem with the course is that you are not required to register for it before you reach the last semester of your final year in college. So it means you can only pursue CFA when you are through with undergraduate studies.


Journalism is another profession without salary ceiling. In this profession, you will earn up to Ksh 5 million as long as you stand out.

While we agree that not everyone in this career is happy, there are many journalists who are living their dream and are pocketing more than engineers, doctors and lawyers.


An MCA pockets over Ksh 300,000 a month, MP goes home with Ksh 1.2 million, Senator Pockets the same amount while a governor pockets over Ks 2 million. This shows how politics is lucrative.

We have thousands of engineers, professors, doctors and lawyers who have given up their careers for politics,,,and they have vowed not to look back.

Software Developer

A software developer earns even 10 times the salary of a normal engineer. If you are employed by giant companies like Google and IBM,I assure you that seven figure salary will be yours.