KWESE vs DSTV Pricing



KWESE is relatively new but has taken the world of sports by storm. Today many sports lovers prefer this pay TV to DSTV,they argue pricing of DSTV packages is quite ridiculous and out of touch for the common citizens.

We wish to compare the two to determine which is better in terms of pricing,signal strength and the number of football matches aired.


Country 30 days 7 days 3 days
Botswana 295 BWP 88 BWP 50 BWP
Ethiopia 645 ETB 195 ETB 105 ETB
Ghana 110 GHS 35 GHS 15 GHS
Kenya 2,960 KES 890 KES 475 KES
Lesotho 350 M 105 M 56 M
Malawi 21,050 MWK 6,320 MWK 3,370 MWK
Namibia 390 NAD 120 NAD 60 NAD
Nigeria 6,275 1,850 990
Rwanda 20,380 RWF 6,115 RWF 3,300 RWF
Swaziland 385 SZL 116 SZL 56 SZL
Tanzania 64,550 TZS 19,365 TZS 10,330 TZS
Uganda 105,240 UGX 31,570 UGX 16,840 UGX
Zambia 250 ZMW 75 ZMW 40 ZMW



DSTV Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus perfectly combines great entertainment and great value and it’s priced at KES 5425.The package has basic stations, with exclusion of several sports channels.

DStv Premium KES 8180

DStv Premium combines the best entertainment from around the globe with groundbreaking technology to provide a truly premium viewing experience. DStv Premium prides itself on offering the widest variety of on-screen entertainment in Africa. With more than 100 world-class television channels and 30 CD-quality audio channels on the menu you’ll have all the live sport coverage latest news top documentaries non-stop movies series kids’ programming.

The channels on this premium include: Discovery Channel (SD/HD)

  1. Discovery Channel (SD/HD)
  2. Crime Investigation Network
  3. National Geographic Channel
  4. Nat Geo Wild
  5. The History Channel
  6. Lifestyle and Culture 6
  7. Sport 16
  8. Local Channels 11
  9. Children 11
  10. Music 6
  11. Religion 7
  12. News and Commerce 11
  13. Specialist 2
  14. Entertainment and Movies 47

Kwese Sport vs DSTV channels

When it comes to the number of channels each TV airs, KWESE sport has over 72 channels while the number of DSTV channels you will watch depends on your subscription type. Since customers of the two set boxes are interested in sports, KWESE is found to be the best because it airs all matches from English Premier League, Bundesliga and other major leagues at a cheaper cost. You will notice that KWESE charges a flat rate of Ksh 2,960 to air matches from all leagues while the same service costs Ksh 8,180 at DSTV.

Signal Strength

DSTV has more superior signal strength compared to KWESE, making is the most reliable of all set boxes.