Cost of Decoders in Kenya



There are several decoders/set boxes in Kenya, which include: StarTimes, DSTV,GoTV,ZUKU,Bamba and Hotpoint. These decoders cost different amounts depending on the type of subscriptions a customer needs. The most expensive set box is DSTV, which air English Premier League matches, the cheapest is GoTVset box, which costs less than Ksh 2,500.

Below is the cost of each set box in Kenya


DSTV Decoder+Installation 6,050
ZUKU 2,499
GoTV 1,999
Bamba TV 3,600
StarTimes 3,200
Hotpoint 2,795


We dwell on the most common set boxes in Kenya. From the list provided above, it’s evident Zuku and GoTV are cheaper than other set boxes, but when it comes to the whole cost of owning the set boxes(monthly subscription) the final cost becomes higher than the amount you pay for Startimes,Bamba TV and Hotpoint.

You should note that the costs listed above cater for installation and decoder, monthly subscription costs are not listed here.