Cost of Wedding in Kenya…Wedding Budget in Kenya



Wedding is a costly affair in Kenya. When it comes to organizing a wedding event, the total cost becomes a key factor. A wise person should avoid as much as possible to overspend, despite the event marked as memorable.

There are few important things to include in a wedding: transport, food, wedding gown, wedding cards, music, wedding venue, video shooting and accommodation. These items consume more than half of the wedding budget.

In a wedding, the first item to think of is transport for the couple and guests. Then follows wedding venue and tents. You can choose a wedding garden or a church, but I would prefer a church because it’s cheaper. Wedding gown is another important item you should budget fort, which costs approximately Ksh 30,000.

The cost of a cheap wedding is as summarized below

Wedding Gown+Suit 50,000
Transport(5 Cars+Bus) 50,000
Wedding Venue (Church)+MC 20,000
Video Shooting+Tents 50,000
Food 100,000
Wedding Cards 10,000
Honeymoon 20,000
Miscellaneous 20,000
Total 320,000


In Kenya, you need a minimum of Ksh 320,000 to conduct a cheap wedding, especially when you are conducting it in Nairobi. In a cheap wedding you don’t need a professional photographer, you also don’t need a garden wedding or a limousine to carry the bride and groom.

If you want a more sophisticated wedding, which would scare the world, you have to hire a professional photographer, hire a limousine, set a side good amount for honeymoon abroad and also reserve space in a wedding garden. The budget for this is as follows.


Wedding Gown+Suit 100,000
Transport(5 Cars+Limousine) 200,000
Wedding Venue (Garden)+MC 100,000
Video Shooting+Tents 100,000
Food 300,000
Wedding Cards 30,000
Honeymoon 500,000
Wine+Drinks 100,000
Miscellaneous 100,000
Total 1,520,000


The total budget for an expensive wedding in Kenya should be approximately Ksh 1,520,000.This budget is assumed to be of middle income earners who will struggle to raise this money so as to make their wedding flashy. For the rich and wealthy Kenyans, the budget might go beyond Ksh 3 million.

Any wedding has best couples, who would demand a dress and a suit. Normally, these people buy suits for themselves-so there is no need of including the cost in the budget. There are also people who would match to escort the couple to the altar. These people also take care of their dressing costs.

As I conclude, I must remind you that there is no need of spending a lot of money on wedding only for you to remain broke afterwards-just a small budget is enough, the rest save.

Normally, people hold harambees for their wedding, but it’s not appropriate to transfer your burden to other people. It’s recommended that you raise three quarter of the wedding budget and the rest friends and family members would contribute.