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Jumbojet Luggage Fees and Costs



Jumbo Jet offers  transport services for people who wish to fly to various destinations within Kenya, but the cost of air ticket is sometimes isolated from the cost of luggage, especially if it weighs at least 15 Kgs.

Below is a comprehensive list of Jambojet fees for a variety of additional services such as extra luggage allocation and special assistance.

Upto 15 Kg of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 500
Upto 20 Kg of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 1000
Upto 23 Kg of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 1500
Upto 26 Kg of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 2000
Upto 29 Kg of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 5700
Upto 32 Kg of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 7800
Excess baggage rate at the Airport 400
Seat Selection – Standard seat 410
Seat Selection – Aisle / Window seat 410
Seat Selection – Extra Leg-room 580
Blind (passenger assistance) 0
Deaf (passenger assistance) 0
Wheel chair cabin 0
Wheel chair ramp 0
Wheel Chair step 0
Diving equipment 2300
Large Fishing equipment 5800
Fishing equipment 2300
Golf equipment 2300
Surfing Equipment 2300
Bicycle 2300
Infant fees 10% of published adult fare
Meet and Assist Fee 2000
Unaccompanied Minor Fees 0
Unaccompanied Minor Late Arrival Fee (per hour) 0
Name Change fee (per passenger per journey) 2090
Date Change fee 1970
Service Charge (Call centre/Sales Office) 700
Price Lock 500

*Please note that these prices may be subject to change.
**A service charge may apply if services are obtained through call centre or at sales offices.
*Please note that any unbooked or additional baggage will be charged at a higher airport rate (double the published rates above).