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NASA Manifesto Revealed. This is What Raila Plans To Do For Kenyans



NASA has revealed their agenda, which is summarized in a manifesto. A statement from the NASA secretariat shared the following 16 key areas the incoming government will do to Kenyans.
“We come before you with a plan, kindly go through and share with all Kenyans.
Our Manifesto:
1. Infrastructure- Dual road from Mombasa- Nairobi- Nakuru- Kericho Junction( To Kisumu-Busia-Malaba)- to Eldoret.
2. Free Primary and Secondary Education ( From September, immediately after swearing in)
3. Electric Train (We will improve SGR to electric train from Mombasa- Nairobi- Naivasha- Eldoret- Kisumu- Kakamega- all to Malaba reconnecting Uganda, Tz, Rwanda, Ethiopia to ease trade)
4. Boost Farming. (Our farmers will receive support, good rates for their products and continued flow of production like it’s done in Egypt)
5. Uniting Kenyans. (Kenya will belong to all and for all, our government will run on an open interaction basis including all Kenyans without regional imbalances)
6. Historical Injustices. ( We will solve with peace and reach consensus with families who have faced problems with their lands, IDPs and livestock to make Kenyans proud of their country)
7. Increased exportation. (Kenyans are known for farming and creativity. We will create an enabling environment for exports of MIRAA, Tea, Coffee, Flowers, cereals, technology to expand our per capita)
8. Job Creation. (To achieve this, we will promote empowerment in various sectors, promote investors in our country, promote private companies, promote local production (Unlike today, we kill our entrepreneurs while importing even labour from China) promote counties forming various economic blocks)
9. Security. (To achieve, we have to ensure peace and security across the borders, we will devolve security to ensure each county is well equipped and vast in protecting her citizens, we will retain chiefs and DOs equipping them accordingly to report any security alarming issue, our forces while also receive advanced weapons and machinery needed for security)
10. Devolution. (We will ensure more resources are channeled to the county government to promote growth and development, in years to come, we want to see Nakuru become our New Jersey, Kisumu- New York, Meru- California, Machakos- Florida, Muranga- Hawaii, Nyeri- Texas, Busia- Pennsylvania, Kakamega- Alaska, Migori- Alabama, Homa Bay- Michigan, Kisii- Ohio, Bomet- Georgia, Eldoret- Virginia and etc that is why we fought for devolved government, you must elect competent governors)
11. Rent. ( Living in our own nation should not be exogenous, through the constitution, we will control land rates, lower rents and mortgage rates for Kenyans to concentrate on developing our economy)
12. Lower Prices of Basic Commodities. ( NASA government will not sleep in expense of our citizens, we will carry out research, welcome experts views to control prices of basic commodities, ensure availability and production)
13. Lower P.A.Y.E ( NASA Government will pay our citizens according to their efforts, reward them genuinely and lower taxes on their income to take care of their families. Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, all Civil Servants, Jua Kali, police and even private sector will be entitled to good pay)
14. Pension For The Old. ( Equal distribution to our elders will be mandatory, we will ensure steady health for us to continue learning from them, breeding wisdom)
15. Health Sector ( We will work with Our Doctors Union to build advanced hospitals in each county. We should be able to handle advanced diseases including cancers without going abroad, instead our countries will be flying in for our expertise)
16. Youth, Women and Persons Living with disabilities ( Our Youths are the future of our nation. We will empower them to be productive. We will empower women to boost our economy, we will ensure persons living with disabilities are not seen as a burden to comfortable and productive in our nation.
We say Thank You Kenyans
Kindly Vote Change That You Will Admire
Mambo Yabadilika
NASA Secretariat”.