NASA Strongholds Leads in The Number of Dead Voters. See Distribution By Province



It’s emerging that after KPMG conducted an audit of IEBC register.NASA strongholds were found to be having more dead voters than Jubilee strongholds.

Nyanza and Western provinces have a total of 300,000 dead voters, which is equivalent to the number of dead voters in Central and Rift Valley provinces.

  1. Nairobi – 111,711
  2. Central – 131,304
  3. R/Valley – 183,021
  4. Upper Eastern – 64,850
  5. Lower Eastern – 77,937
  6. Nyanza – 167,378
  7. Coast – 81,794
  8. Western – 130,026
  9. N/Eastern – 11,361

TOTAL – 970,895

The reason why dead voters are more in NASA strongholds is because of the high mortality rates experienced in those regions: for every 3 people who perish in Nyanza, only one perishes in Central Kenya. And when it comes to birth rate, Central Kenya has the highest number while NASA zones have the lowest.

In case of any expunging of any dead voters from the roll, NASA will be more affected than Jubilee.