Why Other Kenyan Tribes Hate Kikuyu



Today we shall not beat a round the bush, because we have facts. There are over 100 reasons why other tribes in Kenya hate Kikuyu, but let me touch on few and most important points.

  1. Kikuyu are aggressive

The speed at which the Kikuyu tribe accomplishes their goals is that of a cheetah. In most cases, most tribes find it hard to keep up with the pace of a Kikuyu. The only tribe that almost matches the speed of a Kikuyu is the Kisii, but they also have a long way to go. The only weapon other tribes have is to hate.

  1. The Kikuyu are everywhere

There is no corner in Kenya where you won’t find a kikuyu; go to Garissa, they are there,go to Kisumu,they are there, go to Lamu,they are there.So ,when they come to your home, set up business ventures, they will for sure beat you. To make matters worse, they invite other Kikuyu members, and within no time the town is dominated by this tribe. With time, the locals feel threatened by the dominance of a “foreigner” and start developing hatred towards them. But if you critically look at this scenario, the Kikuyu has not done any mistake, he has simply come , identified  opportunities and exploited them.

  1. They are schemers

Don’t joke with a kikuyu man when you are scrambling for an opportunity. If you have discovered gold in your home, don’t tell him. If you tell him, he will come with Ksh 10 million, a car and his daughter, convince you to take the offer and leave the plot for him. This man knows at the end he will get Ksh 100 billion from the plot. Later, after you have pocketed the money and took his daughter as your wife, you will realize you got a raw deal.

Many tribes have faced this situation and have come to realize they are not intelligent at all; the IQ of a Kikuyu is up there on Mount Everest.

  1. Its’ hard to beat them

One thing I like about the kikuyu tribe is that they can cheat you that they are beatable, but when they unleash their tactics, you remain on ground like a cornered dog. It is hard to beat a Kikuyu we it comes to politics, mind games and entrepreneurship spirit.

  1. They are rich

They entrepreneurial spirit has dictated that they be ahead of other tribes in terms of wealth. In a list of top 10 richest people in Kenya, more than 5 kikuyu must be represented, the rest are Indians. And then I ask myself, where did the rain start beating other tribes?!!!

  1. They are handsome and beautiful

Beautiful is their second name and handsome is the original name God gave their men. In Kenya, you can tell me which tribe beats a Kikuyu lady in regards to beauty,Luo?Kisii?Kalenjin?

Forget about few outliers from Central Kenya with brown teeth and stunted growth, majority are extremely handsome. If you add the looks, money and intelligence, another tribe feels inferior and resorts to hating.