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The Retirement Benefits Levy in Kenya



The retirement benefits levy in Kenya is imposed under Section 16 of the Act and is payable as per the rates prescribed under Regulations forms and fees:

Size of Scheme Fund as indicated in latest
Audited Accounts
Kenya Shillings)
Annual Levy Rate –
Percentage of Fund
Upto 500 million 0.2%
More than 500 million but not exceeding 1,000 million 0.15%
More than 1,000 million but not exceeding 5,000 0.1%
More than 5,000 million 0.05%

This Levy is imposed on retirement schemes offered by companies and it comes after every year.If a company has retirement scheme funds of up to Ksh 500 million,the levy attached to this amount is 0.2 %.The levy attached to a fund of more than Ksh 500 million and not exceeding Ksh 1 billion is 0.15%.The retirement levy for funds between Ksh 1 billion to Ksh 5 billion is 0.1 %.Funds exceeding Ksh 5 billion attract a levy of 0.05 %.

This  levy is administered by Retirement Benefits Authority(RBA) Kenya