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How To Become a Lawyer in Kenya



If you want to become a lawyer in Kenya, you have to follow this procedure.

  1. Score at least B plain in KCSE

The first step is to ensure you pass your KCSE exams. The minimum grade required for a law degree in Kenya is normally B plain with at least C+ in English. This grade will ensure you proceed to pursue a Law degree.

  1. Enroll for Law degree

The second step is to enroll for a Law degree. At this stage, you are at liberty to enroll as a parallel student or as a regular student sponsored by the government of Kenya. During course selection, it might be tough to be selected as a government sponsored student because of the high competition for the course. If you miss this chance, you can opt for a parallel option.

The best universities offering law degree include:

Institutions approved to offer Degree (LLB) programme

  Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
i) University of Nairobi Parklands Campus 26.03.2010
ii) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Karen Campus 29.03.2010
iii) University of Nairobi Mombasa Campus 20.04.2010
iv) University of Nairobi Kisumu Campus 29.06.2011
v) Mount Kenya University Nairobi Campus 29.06.2011
vi) Catholic University of East Africa Karen Campus 29.06.2012
vii) African Nazarene University Ngong Campus 29.06.2011
viii) Kabarak University Kabarak Campus 09.09.2011


(b)      Institutions approved to offer Diploma in Law Programme

Name of Institution Campus Date of accreditation
(i) Kenya School of Law (Paralegal Programme) Karen Campus 19.09.2011
(ii) Inoorero University Parklands Campus 06.04.2011
(iii) Nairobi Institute of Business Studies Nairobi Campus 08.09.201


If you decide to join any of the listed universities as a parallel student, you have to set aside Ksh 1.5 million for undergraduate studies.

  1. Graduate with a degree in Law

The third and most important step is to graduate with a degree in Law- It usually takes a student 5 years in university. This step helps you to go to the next step.

  1. Join Kenya School of Law for a Diploma in Law

Without a Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law, you won’t be allowed to practice law in Kenya. After you have completed your degree course, you are required to proceed to the Kenya School of Law for a diploma course, which takes one year.

Exams at the Kenya School of Law are tough, tougher than the exams in universities. Most students give up at this stage.

  1. Admission to the Bar

After graduating from the Kenya School of Law, you will be admitted to the Bar, where you become Advocate of the High Court. This is the final step where you are issued with the certificate of practice.