Karen Hospital Cardiac Services



The Karen Hospital is one of the best cardiac hospitals in Kenya which provides complete and specialized cardiac services that includes emergency management of heart attack or myocardial infection, diabetes and cardiac malfunction, management of several heart diseases, surgery and healing. The patients are looked with utmost care and excellent outcomes. We have a team of skilled cardiologists, nursing team and other medical professionals who deliver quality treatment.

Heart Surgeries are performed in specially built cardiac theatre. The Karen hospital has an exclusive outpatient cardiac clinic with our best heart specialist where the cardiac procedures are performed and also we have state-of-the-art catheterization suite inside the hospital with the assistance of 2D Digital tools to do complex surgeries and give excellent results.

Key Procedures

Open Heart Surgeries

are complex procedure where the chest is opened and the muscles, arteries or the valves present in the heart are fixed to cure the heart diseases. It consist of,

  • Valve Replacement

is a surgery that is done to restore or replace the damaged or diseased heart valves. There are four valves in which the aortic valve cannot be repaired but replaced and mitral valve cannot be replaced but repaired. Both the tricuspid and pulmonic valve are rarely replaced or restored.

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

or called as heart bypass surgery is done to enhance the blood supply to the heart in the case of blocked arteries due to deposits of waxy material that makes it hard. It is termed as Coronary Heart Disease and they suffer from heart pain and Angina. In CABG the blocked artery is connected to the healthy vein that is taken from the other parts of the body and hence the blood flow is improved.

  • Closure of VSD and ASD

is done to stop the blood flow from the left side of the heart to the right side so that the oxygen rich blood will not merge with the oxygen poor blood. They are often called as ‘Hole in the heart’. They usually close naturally but in some cases, it requires surgical intervention. In ASD, if the holes are medium to large sized then the doctors will recommend for the closure when the child is 2-5 yrs and is done using Open heart surgery. If VSD retards child’s growth and development, then surgery is advised and is done by open heart method.

  • Aneurysm Resection

is a procedure that is done to repair thoracic aortic aneurysm that are bigger and starts to burst. A man – made implant is used by the doctors to repair the defect. An open heart surgery or endovascular procedure is the two alternatives for the aneurysm repair and is decided on the mass and site of the aneurysm.

  • PDA Closure

is a procedure that is done to correct the congenital disorder of the heart in the infants because their ductus arteriosus is left open after birth. It a blood vessel which permits blood from the pulmonary artery to the aorta. It closes automatically in the first hours of life as the lungs take its work. If it doesn’t, the surgeon performs the open heart surgery and closes it, otherwise it can lead to heart failure.



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