Outpatient Surgeries Performed at Karen Hospital



Day surgery or Outpatient surgery:

The Day care Surgery or Outpatient surgery division at The Karen Hospital is an entirely incorporated unit which delivers both pre and post operative care to the patients. The day care unit comprises of best surgeons in Kenya who perform various medical surgeries with fewer complications and allow the patients to go home on the same day. The recovery period is short and it is both cost and time saving procedure. It cuts down the hospital costs and is useful for patients who do not want to stay at the hospital. The patients who have been operated will be observed carefully until they are well sufficient to return to their place.

Key Procedures Performed

  • Excision of ingrown toe nail
  • Elimination of lump or mass in the breast without affecting the healthy tissues(Lumpectomy)
  • Simple Excision of Lipoma’s present in the neck, thighs, upper limb and armpit
  • Cleaning and dressing the Post surgical wounds
  • Performing minor sutures
  • Excising the Ganglion – a small mass found in the hand and wrist.
  • Circumcision surgery where the front skin that covers the tip of the penis is cut around in the male.