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What Kenyan Men Look For in a Woman Before they propose for Marriage



Kenyan men are very tricky, they can date you for a century and finally dump you. There are few things these men look for in women before they decide to marry them.

I think you have dated a man before, spending all your energy and time to please him, but at the end of the day he dumps you-then you wonder why he made such a move. Before you conclude that he is a dog, here is why he dumped you.


Even if you wash your man’s feet, dress him up, feed him and even spend on him, he will dump you if he doesn’t like your attitude. In marriage, attitude is very important. For instance, if you are a woman who is easily irritated by small matters, someone who quarrels even with small provocation, the man will look at you and say to himself, “I am not taking this idiot anywhere”.

A man also loves a woman whose attitude towards men is positive. If you are the type who always uses these words in his presence, “men are dogs”, “men are useless”, “women empowerment”, the man will not be comfortable to live with you, he will dump you


If your only ambition is to go out, drink and come back in the morning, the man will take you casually. Remember there is a huge difference between a wife and a girlfriend: a wife is someone who comes up with new ideas, someone who wants to achieve something meaningful in life, and not someone who is always thinking of beer and fun.

If you have ideas that would help your man achieve his abitions, this man will never leave you.


If your work is to spend his money to the last coin, be sure this man will dump you. No man who would love to marry a woman who makes zero contribution towards in his life but makes all efforts to eat his money.

If a man discovers that your only intention is to spend his man, this man will dump you.


If there is something that any man hates is a woman who is unfaithful. Every man is jealousy and no man would want to have a loose woman.

What I have also realized is that men don’t want to marry women who are too open for other men…they simply like someone who is somehow an introvert.


Men hate women who always compete with them, even during an argument. In many cases, women should just submit and accept to be defeated even when they know they can beat their many in many ways. It is natural that men wants to be above their wives in almost everything, so a woman who tries to compete is dropped like a hot potato.