Shocking Characteristics of Teachers Based on the Subject They Teach



Teachers have different traits based on the subjects they teach. These traits manifest themselves as the teachers and subjects become one.

If you know any teacher, relate him with these traits.

-The most intelligent
-The best school games coaches.
-Have affairs with students
-Smoke bhang

-Use broken English
-Consume cheap liquor
-Don’t iron clothes and dress shabbily
-Wear torn unpolished shoes.
-Wear torn socks
-Never change underwears
-Always brag about being ‘the chosen few’ in their profession.
-Shaggy hear and uncleaned teeth

-Spend 70% of their salary on clothes, shoes and perfume.
-Swing their hips and bounce along the corridors.
-Have affairs with principals.
-Get married in their 40s.
-Correct the way other people pronounce English words yet they too have a problem pronouncing them.

-Befriend principals and discuss other teachers with them.
-Dress well
-Generally polite
-Most of them head the G&C department

-Loud mouths
-Spend much of their time in school discussing politics
-Always bragging in local pubs that they have a degree.
-The only people who complain that the school is not buying Taifa Leo.
-Have a huge appetite and consume a whole kettle or thermos of tea by themselves.
-Drama and Music teachers.
-The most active in union politics and usually the first ones to take to the streets when strikes are called.

-CU patrons
-Always the ones to offer prayers at the start and close of staff meetings.
-Have affairs with students
-Very rigid in thought
-Always found with students in a compromising situation.

-Very boring people and students usually fall asleep as they teach
-Always in lab coats hallucinating to be doctors
-Always smelling of chemicals
-Always complaining that milk has not been bought for them to drink after handling chemicals in the lab.