List of Courses that should be scrapped from Kenyan Universities.



Though some courses are worth studying in our Kenyan universities, there are programmes that should be scrapped from the university curriculum. These courses are so useless that when a graduate applies for a job, the shortlisting officer just ignores it outright.

Some of the courses here could be useful if we had industries, but since Kenya is not a manufacturing country, no need of having them in our colleges.

Instead of lecturers spending hours teaching what cannot help the students, Universities should scrap these courses forever:

1) Engineering: All our construction, machines and home appliances are Chinese so it’s a waste of time to train engineers who will not practice

2) Chemists and Physicists: All our chemical agents are imported. We have already killed the refinery. Organic chemists for oil exploration firms are British or Canadian. The best of Kenyan chemists and physicists are mere salesmen for foreign owned firms so we are wasting scarce resources these people.

3) Biologists, biochemist, and bioengineers: These ones are now mouthpieces of American Genetec companies-wasted resources.

4) Geologists: Where will they work if the Kenyan government does not trust them to conduct our mineral or geothermal surveys? Not even mining and oil and gas companies look at their CVs.

5)Fisheries. Who can even think of employing someone with a degree in fisheries. In Kenya, fishermen only train at the lake, not in class.

6)BA General.This is another useless course that should be scrapped. Instead of having it, we should have specialists like Economists, psychologists etc.

7) BSc General. In our country, if a student is admitted to BSc General course, he will course, throw hands to the air and even cry uncontrollably. This course does not have value to our country.

8)Sports Management…Sports Management is not a course to be proud of.The program is only popular in countries like England,Spain,USA,and Italy, where sports is taken seriously. Here in Kenya, honestly, who do you want to manage yet all sports are on the knees.