Monitoring and Evaluation, e-Learning Option at AMREF


AMREF Health Africa offers Monitoring and Evaluation course for people who would prefer e-Learning option. Course details and cost for the program is as explained below


Fees: US$700

This course equips participants with competencies in monitoring and evaluation of health and development interventions at project, programme and organizational level. The course takes 4- 6 months.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the participants should be able to:

  • Apply concepts, principles, processes and framework for monitoring and evaluation systems in development programmes;
  • Use result-based tools for programme planning;
  • Design and develop M & E systems;
  • Design and conduct an evaluation
  • Formulate result- and change-oriented indicators for monitoring and evaluation
  • Use M&E tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Course Content

Module I: Concepts and Principles of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Introduction to Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Linking Planning to Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Results-based Management

Module 2: Monitoring Processes and Method

  • Measurement of results:
  • Supervision in performance monitoring
  • Planning and Implementing Participatory monitoring

Module 3: Evaluation Processes

  • Designing an evaluation
  • Conducting an evaluation

Module 4: Data Analysis And Report Writing

  • Qualitative data analysis (Introduction to QSR, process, methods, interpretation, presentation)
  • Quantitative data analysis (Using SPSS)
  • Report writing and presentation skills

Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation system

  • Designing an M&E system and Change monitoring

During the training period, Amref Health Africa will provide you with the website to the Learning Management System on the internet where you will get all your course content. You will be provided with the course guide and our e-tutors will be constantly available to help you go through the course easily.