See What Kijana Wamalwa Said About Raila…This Man Won’t Be President



Former Vice President, Kijana Wamalwa, knew Raila like no one else in Kenya. The late said something about the NASA presidential candidate that shocked the entire nation.

In his own words, after he interacted with Raila for close to 50 years, Kijana said:

“On intelligence -‘Raila is not my peer intellectually by any description. If Raila was a man of any abilities as the son of Kenya’s first Vice-President in the early 1960s when scholarships to the top universities in the world were open to the sons of African leaders at their taking, he wouldn’t have gone over land to Cairo to get on to some ramshackle boat to go to East Germany. I think this is a reflection of his abilities

‘On his capability as a leader: ‘I don’t think he has any leadership capabilities because he is a very dictatorial fellow. Whenever he talks in NEC meetings, he always says ‘we must do this ‘and people answer back ‘you can’t force us to do this’

On his support and followers: ‘That’s a myth. What Raila has is a private militia of unemployed youth who he pays money to cheer him wherever he goes’”

This is what most of Raila’s friends know about the man who has fought for democracy in this country for decades.