Why Kenyan Men Love Fat Women



Kenyan men love fat women so much that they could sell their souls to have a piece of them. These men know that fat men have something that slim women lack. We are going to reveal today why slim women are a no go zone for Kenyan men.

They are Sweet

Almost 90 % of men who were interviewed said fat women are extremely sweet. They say it’s only fat women who have enough fats to make them feel they have done something. These men argue that slim women don’t have fats, they are therefore cold.

Not hot tempered

There is a strong correlation between slim women and temper. The slimmer the women, the hotter the temper. This is the major reason men tend to lean towards fat women, in a bid to avoid troubles.


Men claim that size 8 women are only those who are fat.In fact in Kenya, if you spot a man gazing at a slim woman, then it’s because he was absent minded…our men stare at fat and size 8 women, meaning they love them.


Research show that fat women are more likely to give birth to intelligent children than slim women.

Not moody

From experience, slim women are easy to irritate. These women have a tendency of being moody .they are also quarrelsome, which is not the case for fat women


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