Donald Kipkorir, Ruto’s Friend Endorses Raila For President…Ruto Should Hear This



Flambouyant Nairobi Lawyer, Donald B Kipkorir, has endorsed Raila Odinga for

Why I’m Endorsing Baba Raila Amolo Odinga For President, leaving Ruto in tears.

Kipkorir publicly claimed Uhuru has nothing to offer Kenyans, arguing that the president has failed miserably. The lawyer confessed Raila is the best man to rule this country.

In a viral Facebook post, he wrote:

Am a proud Kalenjin steeped in our ancient traditions and rites. And I will always stand firm to protect the interest of the Kalenjin Nation. However, Kenya is an artificial construct resulting from 1884/5 Berlin Conference. No tribe in Kenya has a bigger claim to this artificial entity called Kenya. Now that we are all in it, we must all learn to accommodate each other.

After World War II, Britain made it official policy to disengage from its Colonies as they were too expensive to maintain. When we were gifted with ours in 1963, we found ourselves within the Kenyan borders. But since then, only two tribes have ruled Kenya; my people and the Kikuyu. In 1964, we were at par if not richer than Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. Now, the four are each richer than us hundred-fold. At the rate we are growing, we will never catch up with them in a million years even if they stop growing.

Something has to give. We may think we are doing well because our neighours are poorer. Our neighours have given us such a low bar to compare with. In Africa, only Paul Kagame will turn around Rwanda in our lifetime.

Kenya needs a leader who will put the country above self. Who will want all Kenya to rise together. A leader who wouldn’t discriminate because of political ideology or tribe or religion. We need a leader who will not do business competing with the state but instead establish a sovereign fund for all. A leader who will not deligitimize tribes or leaders.

Unless Kenya turns around now, we will forever be a failed State like DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Counties with potential but will never succeed.

It is for this that I place my faith in Baba. He said he will go one term. He says, like Joshua, he will take us over to Canaan and leave. Let’s give him a chance. Then at least the leadership of Kenya would have temporarily moved out of Kikuyu-Kalenjin before we resume in 2022! If Baba fails to deliver when President, then we will resume our Kikuyu-Kalenjin Alliance in 2022 ad infinitum. And we will not return it.