How to Become a Millionaire without a University Degree



Gone are days when our parents used to advise us that without education, becoming a millionaire in is a pipe dream. Today, school dropouts are the employers, and university degree holders are beggars. We are going to take you through steps to follow so as to become a millionaire without necessarily depending on your university degree.

What we learn in our schools is, work hard, secure a well-paying job, marry and prepare for retirement-we are not advised on how to be job creators. This idea sinks into every bright student’s mind and makes average students give up on education. After exam results are out, the A students would join top universities while D and C students would either go to middle-level colleges or start to fend for themselves through small businesses.

In our current Kenya, having a degree will not help much but knowing how to maneuver your ways to become a millionaire is what will help you achieve your goals. We have few points to guide you how to become a millionaire even without a university degree.

Drop your bloated ego

If you are a university graduate, shed off the through of, “I am a graduate”, and do anything that can give you money.

What happens in our country is that when a university graduate grabs that important certificate, he migrates to Nairobi. He embarks on job seeking mission, which takes him two to three years before he lands a poorly paying job, perhaps paying Ksh15,000 per month. Since he is desperate for a job, he remains in that company forever. If you are a graduate and you resolve to go this route, my friend I can assure you there is no way you can become a millionaire.

The best route to take as a graduate is self-employment. In case you manage to secure employment, the salary you get should help you with capital for business. Work for the company for not more than 5 years, thereafter start your own venture-this way you can become a millionaire.

After graduation, here is what to do.

Immediately you find yourself jobless, stop thinking about employment and embark on entrepreneurship. I believe you can afford Ksh 50,000.Use this money to start any of the following businesses:

  1. Mitumba business
  2. Fresh juice business
  3. Food delivery to offices
  4. Tomato farming
  5. Grocery
  6. Cereals business
  7. Blogging
  8. Etc

These are small businesses you can easily manage as you seek employment. They will keep you busy and open your mind to realize you can make money minus your degree.

Alternatively, this is what to do

If you don’t want to be seen doing jobs reserved for illiterate people, you can provide professional services. If you are a statistician, start data Analysis Company, a CPA holder should aim of becoming a professional auditor, a Journalist can become a blogger or professional photographer, a teacher can start offering professional tuition services.

If you love making money online, you can start forex trading online.

If you are a D,E or C material, here is what to do

Normally, those who have passed exam look down upon average students.If you are one of these looked down upon, don’t lose is the way to go.From Njenga Karume’s life history, you will realize that even without education, you can make it in life. For you to become a millionaire, you have to embark on entrepreneurship.

The first route to take is, go for a driving school, and take up a job as a driver. Save part of your salary and buy your own matatu.Once you reach the point where you can own a matatu,I can tell you becoming a millionaire is a reality.

The second route to take is, join a mid-level college for a course in Mechanical engineering, cake baking or hotel management. After graduation, don’t wait to be employed, simply look for capital to start your business.Coffee house, cake baking business and garage business are some of the most profitable businesses in the country.


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