List of Luhya Sub tribes…This is Why Luhya are Not United



There is a total of 16 Luhya sub tribes, who originate from Western Kenya.

A list of these tribes is as provided below

Luhya tribe Luhya variety Region
1.      Bukusu Lubukusu Bungoma (Kenya)
2.      Idakho Lwidakho Kakamega (Kenya)
3.      Isukha Lwisukha Kakamega (Kenya)
4.      Kabras Lukabarasi Kakamega (Kenya)
5.      Khayo Olukhayo Busia (Kenya)
6.      Kisa Olushisa Butere/Mumias (Kenya)
7.      Maragoli Lulogooli Maragoli, Vihiga (Kenya)
8.      Marachi Olumarachi/Bumarachi Busia (Kenya)
9.      Marama Olumarama Butere/Mumias (Kenya)
10.  Nyala Lunyala (east),
Lunyala (west)
Busia (Kenya)
11.  Nyole Lonyole (Uganda),
Olunyore (Kenya)
Vihiga (Kenya), Tororo (Uganda)
12.  Samia Lusamia Busia, [Busia District, Uganda] – Uganda
13.  Tachoni Lutachoni Lugari, Malava (Kenya)
14.  Tiriki Lutirichi Vihiga (Kenya)
15.  Tsotso Olutsotso Kakamega (Kenya)
16.  Wanga Oluwanga Butere/Mumias (Kenya)


Perhaps you are wondering why the Luyha tribe has never known unity when it comes to politics. It is because these sub tribes scramble for resources and have huge differences in terms of language barrier. There is also hatred among the tribe, dating back to 19 century.

Kijana Wamalwa, who died shortly after deputizing former president,Mwai Kibaki,was the only Luhya leader who managed to bring together the Luhya community. After the demise of this great leader, the community scattered. Today, any politician can claim a piece of the Luhya, simply because they know this tribe is heavily divided.



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