Are Women Allowed to Marry more than one Husband in Kenya?



Jessica has two boyfriends, both want to marry her. She wants to know whether Kenyan women are allowed to marry more than one husband.

“I am Jessica and I have two boyfriends. These boyfriends know each other and each one of them has proposed to marry me.I love the two boyfriends dearly and won’t afford to lose any.

Last week we agreed that they both marry me.Are women allowed to marry more than one husband?


Women are not allowed to marry more than one husband, unless you marry one, get tired with him and secure a divorce, then marry the other one after divorce.

In 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into Law a bill that gave men permission to marry more than one wife, but the law was silent on women marrying more than one man.This means a woman is only allowed to marry one husband unless the husband dies or she divorces the spouse.