How to Take a mortgage from NIC Bank



NIC Bank gives you an opportunity to take a mortgage at reasonable interest rate. The golden opportunity can make you an instant home owner, especially in Nairobi.

Choosing the right mortgage plan is a top priority when beginning the journey to home ownership. The option you choose should fit your unique needs and preferences. NIC have a dedicated team of Mortgage specialists to walk with you through the journey towards securing your dream home.

NIC Mortgage offers you a variety of options:

  • Equity Release – Financing against your already existing house
  • Purchase Financing – Loan that funds to buy a readymade house
  • Top-Up – Increase in value of your existing mortgage due to reduction of loan amount or appreciation of property value
  • Balance Transfer/Refinance -Transfer of an existing mortgage from one financier to another
  • Construction Finance – Loan that funds the building of a residential  home or residence
  • Plot Purchase – Financing to buy vacant land


  • Up to 90% financing for Kenyan residents and 70% financing for Kenyans in the diaspora
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) cover that takes care of retrenchment, death and disability and social perils cover included
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Flexible repayment periods of up to 20 years
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • Available to both Kenyan citizens and non-Kenyan permanent residents
  • We arrange for valuation and legal processes by bank-appointed service providers
  • Joint applications allowed
  • Minimum amount of KES 1 million. Maximum amount is based on your ability to repay.
  • Interest is charged on a reducing balance basis


  • A completed and signed Mortgage application form
  • Your Original ID/Passport (plus copies)
  • 6 months certified bank statement
  • 3 months pay slips
  • Sale agreement or letter of offer( for purchase mortgage only)
  • Letter of introduction from employer



Cost associated with Mortgage

  • Arrangement fee
  • Legal Fee
  • Valuation fee
  • Stamp duty on Transfer
  • Stamp duty on Charge
  • Insurance

To take a mortage,visit NIC Head Office and request for assistance.alternatively,you can contact them through

NIC House
Masaba Rd. Upperhill.
P.O.Box 44599-00100,
Nairobi Kenya
Tel: +254 (20) 2888217
Fax: +254 (20) 2888505
Mobile:  +254 (711)041 111/ +254 (732)141 111
Email: [email protected]