Raila Odinga Will Not Attend Presidential Debate



NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has said he won’t attend the highly publicized presidential debate.

Through his adviser,Salim Lone,Raila said he will not attend the debate under the proposed format and stipulation.

The press release from Raila says:

“5th July 2017, Nairobi.


The NASA Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga will not participate in the 2017 presidential debate under the current proposed format and stipulation.

However, the NASA Presidential Campaign Secretariat has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to be open to debating Raila Odinga on the issues affecting Kenyans in the present circumstances.

Salim Lone

Senior Advisor to the

NASA Presidential Candidate


Earlier today, President Kenyatta also pulled out of the debate, citing the same reason as his fierce rival,Raila Odinga.

The debate is set to be cancelled or moved to a later date.