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These are ODM Fresh Demands To IEBC –Do These People Want Elections!!!!



ODM has issued fresh demands to the IEBC.

In a latest press statement,ODM through Agnes Zani,says:

Kenyans have 34 Days to the August 8 General Elections and up to now, IEBC has not made public the voter register to be used on the Election Day as per Section 33(1) of the Elections Act 2016. Section 33 (1) of the Elections Act 2016 is clear: IEBC MUST make the relevant voter register available at the registration center, Ward and Constituency commission offices.

Further to our earlier communication on this matter, we again demand that IEBC releases a PDF version of the register containing names of ALL VOTERS in their respective polling stations.

Our voters want to know which polling stations and the specific polling center they will vote in. They want to make a final verification because this election is key to them. They also want to know who else is voting in these polling centres to avoid cases of voter importation on the Election Day.

Voters want to plan in advance. No one wants to turn up on voting day only to find they have been purged from the voter register, or that they have been transferred unknowingly.

The summations of total voters per ward or per constituency, or per county given, some of which like the case of Embu are inaccurate need to be further corrugated with names and other relevant identifiers. Kenyans can then also cross check these to avoid the advent as has happened to some people that their IDs are registered on the names of other people.

We demand that IEBC publishes the full register of voters and makes it easily AND readily accessible to every voter particularly in rural areas. Failure to do so or continued delay only makes IEBC claims of working towards a conduct free, fair, transparent and credible elections unpalatable. A Free, fair, verifiable and credible election is our bare minimum.