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Mukhisa Kituyi CV and Salary, He Earns More Than Uhuru Kenyatta



Mukhisa Kituyi’s CV is fat like his salary.Dr Kituyi is the Secretary General of UNCTAD and earns over Ksh 5 million per month-Uhuru earns Ksh 1,750 ,000.

Mukhisa’s salary is attributed to his colourful CV ,coupled with professionals experience spanning over 20 years.

Below is the CV of the former Kenyan politician.

Curriculum Vitae

Mukhisa Kituyi E.G.H., PhD

Personal Information

Kenya Citizen

1956    Born in Bungoma District of Western Kenya to Jamin Kituyi and Joinah Mukasa Kituyi

1984    Married Dr Ling Merete nee Andersen. They have three sons and a daughter


1963 – 1970 Attended primary school at Mbakalo in Bungoma district

1971 – 1974 Attended Bokoli secondary school and passed Ordinary Level Certificate of Education examinations

1975-1976 Attended St Mary’s Yala High School and completed Advanced level Certificate of education.

1977    Admitted to the University of Nairobi to a course in Political Science and International Relations. Part of a student leadership expelled from university in 1979. Admitted to Makerere University in 1980 and graduated with honours in Political Science and International Relations in 1982

1983    Admitted to a Diploma course in Comparative Production Systems at the University of Bergen, Norway.

1984-1986 Completed an MPhil. Degree . Thesis “Social Change and Economic Adaptation. A Study of the way Markets impact on Pastoral Societies”

1986-1989 Undertook Doctoral Studies at the Department of Social Anthropology, the University of Bergen. Doctoral Thesis “Becoming Kenyans: The Impact of the Market Ecomony on the Pastoral Maasai”

Work Experience

2008    To the present, chief Executive of the Kenya Institute of Governance based in Nairobi. This is a public policy think tank and Advocacy organization which focuses on the interface between academic and policy research and the development of public policy.

2008-10 Member of Team of Experts to advise the East African Community on Challenges and Opportunities for advancing East African federation.

1992-2007 Member of the Kenya Parliament representing Kimilili constituency in Western Kenya. Served at different periods as chief Opposition Whip, Chairman of The Defence and Foreign Affairs Committee during the ten years in opposition.

2002-2007 Minister for Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kenya. In this capacity played a wide role in the arena of trade diplomacy in the East African region, the COMESA council, African Union, EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations, AGOA, and WTO negotiations of the Doha round.

Among the highlights of the period: Chaired COMESA council of Ministers for two years, Chaired African Trade Ministers’ Council for unprecedented two years, Lead Negotiator for Eastern and Southern African ministers in the EPAs negotiation, Chaired ACP council of ministers, Convenor of the Agricultural Negotiations at the Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting of the WTO on the DOHA round.

1992    Executive Director, Forum for The Restoration of Democracy in Kenya (FORD), the vehicle that re-introduced multi-partism in Kenya

1990-1992 Programme Director, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS). Apart from management of research activity, co-ordinated pan-African efforts at capacity building for civil society involved in Sustainable Development models. Co-organizer of Pan-African conferences on sustainability and preparations for the Earth Summit in Rio.

1989-1990 Programme Officer with the Norwegian Agency for International Development (NORAD). Main responsibility was the monitoring and Evaluation of development programmes and convergence between different project interventions in Kenya.

1986-1988 Researcher, The Christian Michelsens Institute, Norway. Major concentration on Coherence between different Nordic Development support models and programs in the key partner countries in Africa. Member of the Joint Nordic Team of Experts Evaluating Nordic Technical Assistance Personnel in Eastern Africa (TAP STUDY)

1982-1983 Researcher, Business and Economic Research Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. Involved in a comprehensive baseline national study on water resources and needs, as inputs into a National Water Master Plan under the auspices of the Swedish Agency for International Development (SIDA).