Tribes with Best House girls in Kenya



When you are looking for the best house girl in Kenya, you have to search from a particular tribe. Following nasty stories that emerge in the media involving house girls and the hosts, it’s in order for an individual to look for a maid from a particular tribe. We are going to reveal specific tribes with the best house girls that you should employ.


Luhya tribe produces the best house girls in Kenya. Girls who come from Western Kenya are passionate about their work, they can take care of your child to maturity without any issues. The only thing required of you is to have plenty of food, ensure she gets at least one day off per week and avoid been too harsh on her.


Kamba girls rank second or sometimes first. These girls have proven they can be motherly even on children who are not theirs.

If you provide plenty of food, clothes and decent pay, there is not time you will be bored with this employee.

The only problem with Kamba girls is that they prefer working either in Nairobi or Mombasa.


Kisii girls can also work, especially if they have freedom to gossip. But as the employer, your only wish is to see your child taken care of in a way that pleases you-A Kisii will do exactly as you wish.


Maasai girls are obedient, down to earth and ready to work for less. If you provide plenty of milk and meat, she won’t leave your house.


Meru girls have also proven to be good when it comes to taking care of children. You can try them.


Giriama/Digo and Taita girls from Coast are extremely good and motherly, but they prefer working in Coast.

If you have a house girl from any of these tribes, you won’t hear of any harassment to your child.

Outside these tribes, try them at your own risk.