TSC v International Schools Salary Scales in Kenya



TSC employed teachers’ salaries are slightly lower than salaries paid to teachers in International schools in Kenya. We are going to compare the pay for these two distinct group of teachers, and determine which pay suits your aspirations.

According to the latest salary scales, as revealed by TSC, teachers earn the following:

Civil Service Job Group Teachers
Basic Salary Common Allowances Gross Salary
Min. Max. House Commuter Min. Max.
G P1 16,692 21,304 5,000 4,000 25,692 30,304
H ATS IV 19,323 24,662 5,000 4,000 28,323 33,662
J GAT III 24,662 29,918 6,000 4,000 34,662 39,918
K GAT II 31,020 41,590 10,000 5,000 46,020 56,590
L GAT I 35,910 45,880 20,000 6,000 61,910 71,880
M Senior GAT 41,590 55,840 20,000 8,000 69,590 83,840
N Principal GAT II 48,190 65,290 24,000 8,000 80,190 97,290
P Principal GAT I 77,527 103,894 40,000 12,000 129,527 155,894
Q Senior Principal 89,748 120,270 40,000 14,000 143,748 174,270
R Chief Principal 109,089 144,928 40,000 16,000 165,089 200,928



Looking at the TSC figures, you will note that the lowest paid teacher pocket Ksh 30,304 per month while the most paid teacher in Kenya, Chief Principal, earns Ksh 200,928.

To be a Chief Principal, you must be in possession of a minimum of 15 years of teaching experience, and be a teacher of a well-performing school. Achieving this status is hard.

Now let’s look at salaries earned by International schools teachers. From the figures in our possession,St Andrew’s Turi,Brookhouse School, GEMS Cambridge,Hillcrest,Braeburn,and Rossyln academy are the highest paying international schools in Kenya. The average salary of a primary school teacher in these schools is Ksh 80,000 per month while a secondary teacher takes home Ksh 103,000 per month in salaries. Breaking down into IGCSE and KCSE schools, those offering the British curriculum pay slightly more than those that offer KCSE curriculum.

The major differences between TSC and International Schools salaries are allowances and employment terms. While TSC guarantees a teacher house allowance and commuter allowance, majority of IGCSE schools don’t attach allowances to the gross pay-the salary you negotiate does not have allowances.

Another difference is that TSC pay comes with fixed holidays, three in a year, and flexible teaching timetable.IGCSE schools have strict timelines and short holidays. The work in these schools is also heavy- the reason why teachers earn more in IGCSE schools.

The only exciting thing about TSC pay is the fact that you secure a permanent and pensionable job, one that comes with pension benefits. This is perhaps why teachers are paid amounts equivalent to what a Mitumba dealer makes in 10 days.

International Schools offer teachers temporary employment, with renewable terms.But a single month salary is equivalent to a TSC teacher’s three months’ salary.

While the highest paid TSC teacher earns Ksh 200, 000, International Schools pay the highest teacher Ksh 1.2 million per month.