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Why Beautiful Women Get Attracted to Bad Men, Good Men are Rejected



In most cases, good men never attract beautiful women but the bad ones are the ones women love-it’s something people often wonder about.

In a crowd of 10 people, you will notice one bad boy that every woman tries hard to win. This bad boy is shabbily dressed, stinks, talks carelessly, smokes, drinks, cheat but women love him. There is also this guy who never misses church, always does everything right, always speaks the truth, well-educated and neatly dressed. When he approaches women, they reject him—then you wonder, what do these women really want?

Women select specific qualities that these good men don’t have. For instance, no matter how good a man is, if he is not charming, women will reject him.

Going round and having known the ideal man for every woman, I would reveal why women prefer bad boys more than the good ones.

  1. Honest

Good men always try to be honest. What they real don’t know is that women don’t like honest men. If you ask every man, he would confess that he cheated his wife into accepting him. As a man, when you are broke you don’t reveal to your woman, you try all means to show her you have cash.

What is common amongst bad boys is that they have mastered the art of cheating their women. A boy who has nothing can cheat without blinking that he would buy his woman a car, yet he can’t afford even a bicycle. The good thing about this boy is, he will cheat without blinking, making the woman to believe his words.

  1. Predictable

Good men are too predictable; women love men who are unpredictable.Unpredictible men would treat you harshly in the morning and when you are expecting the worst, you find him arriving with a gift, while smiling.

  1. Boring

It’s a fact, good men are very boring. Imagine a man who never listens to music, someone who doesn’t have fun, a person who is always in the house sitted and doing nothing. This is the man who wants to spend life with you forever—hell no!!

  1. Bad men are not possessive

Good men are extremely possessive. Try to make a mistake of going somewhere without informing him, he will make noise, throw hands in the air, curse and do everything to make sure you feel he is offended. A bad boy can give you some freedom, time to do your own stuff.

  1. Good men thing they are doing you a fever

A good man feels sweet. Just by having you, he thinks he deserves to be worshipped.

  1. Good men are very strict

Women don’t like strict men, they hate people who are very cautious, men who never give you time to breath. That’s why they opt for bad boys, men who can relax the rules.

  1. Humour

Bad boys are very humorous, adventurous and innovative. These men are full of life, generous and ready to make their women happy.

Good men are never adventurous; they lack humour and are full of nothing good to offer-women reject them outright.

Good men are stingy and on strict budget

Have you ever noticed: good men have a strict budget and overly stingy.If a good man spend $10 on you,he will announce to the whole world that you drained his bank account. A bad boy can spend on you without caring about tomorrow.