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Highest Paying Companies in Kenya for Diploma Graduates-Salary above Ksh 70,000



There are companies in Kenya that pay diploma graduates over Ksh70, 000.We are going to reveal those companies and help thousands of diploma graduates with zero job hunting skills.


Oxfam is one of the highest paying NGOs in Kenya. With a Diploma grade, you can earn up to Ksh200, 000 in this company.

Most popular jobs you can get at Oxfam include front office,M&E and research.

Trademark East Africa

Trademark East Africa is also ranked among the best paying companies in Kenya. An ordinary degree holder in this company earns above Ksh 400,000 while a diploma holder, in fact a secretary, earns above Ksh 200,000….amazing

United Nations

United Nations is a body formed by hundreds of countries so as to deal with serious global issues, such as security, health, poverty and environment. If you manage to go through this institution’s salary scales (which we revealed earlier) you will be shocked. A diploma holder pockets more than Ksh 150,000 in salaries plus other allowances. The most amazing thing about UN is that their salaries are not taxed.

Royal Media Services

Royal Media Services owns Citizen TV,Citizen Radio,Hot 96 and many other popular radio stations.If you are talented and actually manage to join this media house, your basic monthly salary will be in the tune of Ksh 150,000…it doesn’t matter whether you hold a diploma or a degree course.

Radio Africa

Radio Africa owns Classic FM,Kiss FM,The Star and many other media stations in Kenya. Ranked one of the best companies to work for,the media house pays a diploma holder above Ksh 100,000—by the way Maina Kageni is a form four drop out and earns Ksh 2 million per month.


NSIS is responsible for national security. This is one place only the lucky ones find themselves in.If you are a diploma holder, luckily you find yourself at NSIS, you will pocket not less than Ksh100,000.


USAID also pays diploma holders decent salaries. As you apply to work for this organization prepare to earn not less than Ksh80,000

American Embassy/British Embassy

British and American Embassies are also in the list of best paying institutions in Kenya. A secretary at the American Embassy earns Ksh189,000 per month while the one at the British Embassy earns in the region of Ksh160,000.

Centum Investments

Centum Investments also rewards diploma holders more than they deserve. The company, though employs graduates in a competitive process, also accepts CVs from diploma holders. We found out that several diploma holders working for Centum earn not less than Ksh60,000 per month.

Medicines San Frontiers

Medicines Sans Frontier is another company you should strive to work for .If you have nursing background, you will be surprised to earn not less than Ksh200, 000 per month.


BAT should also be on your list of most preferred employer. The company pays a fresh graduate over Ksh120, 000 and a diploma holder more than half of this amount.


Apart from elective positions, there are several jobs advertised for ordinary Kenyans. If you are lucky to work for parliament of Kenya, you will earn more than Ksh 70,000 with a diploma qualification.

State House

State House is another office that pays decent perks, though few can get a chance to work there.

Villa Rosa Kempinsky

Villa Rosa Kempinky is the best paying hotel in Kenya. A diploma holder earns up to Ksh 500,000 per month in this hotel.


GlaxoSmithKline is a pharmaceutical company in Nairobi. This company employs pharmacists, nurses and people with health related certificates. With a diploma qualification, you can pocket upwards of Ksh70, 000 per month.

Category A parastatals

Category A parastatals include Central Bank of Kenya, Nairobi Securities Exchange, EACC, KCAA,KAA,Kenya power and KenGen .Diploma holders earn over Ksh70,000 and their jobs are permanent and pensionable.

East African Development Bank

East African Development Bank is also another institution you can expect to earn over Ksh 100,000 per month as a diploma holder.

5 Star Hotels

If you manage to work in a 5 star hotel your salary will also be 5 star. Five Star hotels include Villa Rosa Kempinski,Hilton,Sankara,and Sarova.

International Schools

International Schools like Brookhouse and St Andrews Turi pay their teachers unbelievable salaries.Even a primary teacher pockets over Ksh80,000.