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List of Companies in Kenya Where You are Likely to be Sacked in 2017



Getting sacked is normal in Kenya but before the axe fall on you,please start looking for a job.We are going to list the most unstable companies in Kenya today, where termination letters might come any day.

Nakumatt Supermarket

Nakumatt Supermarket is shaky as I write this. The company is registering losses each day and the owner has almost given up the business. If you are an employee of this company, it’s time to read the red sign and look for an exit plan.


Since the capping of the interest rates, banks have been registering not so good results.In a bid to maintain their profitability trends and attract investors; they have to downsize their work force-which is why you have seen a number of them sacking some of their workers.

In a bank, no one is safe; the moment you join you have to prepare to exit.


Sportpesa indicated they are closing their business in the country. This means that most of their employees would lose jobs, if the company leaves the market.

If you are an employee of Sportpesa, you have to be worried and at the same time start looking for a job elsewhere-there are many betting companies in the country.

Posta Kenya

Posta Kenya is another government institution that is facing millions of challenges. Recently, the company indicated they are going to retrench thousands of its employees.
Kenya Counties

If you are working for a county in Kenya and you know your job is not permanent and pensionable, pray for whoever employed to win during the forthcoming election. When a new boss comes in you won’t escape the axe.