Signs the Degree course you are Studying is Good or Useless



There are critical signs that surround the idea that your degree course is either good or useless. Even before you enroll to study for a degree course, you should evaluate it and figure out where it will take you after college.

These are obvious signs your degree program is marketable or not

  1. Employment opportunities

When you try to collect statistics and come to the conclusion that more than half of graduates from your course are jobless, the obvious thought you gather from the finding is that you are studying for a useless course.

A popular course is one that should guarantee a student employment months into graduation.

  1. Salary

A popular degree course is one with decent pay. If your course is ranked among the worst paying careers in your country, be sure you will be ranked among the worst paid employees in your country. Because of this, you should do your research to determine how much your course will pay after graduation.

  1. Strikes

When you see employed people in your career always on strike, be most assured the profession is not good.

In most cases, people in good careers negotiate for salary, they are not commanded to take what the employer wants them to earn. Take for example a neurosurgeon. This person dictates what he wants to be paid, if he says $1 million, the employer will pay him the money.

  1. Material possession

People in serious professions drive top of the range cars, take their children to international schools, live in posh estates and have fat bank accounts. But those in useless professions take loans to buy cars, live with the less fortunate and struggle to pay bill-they can’t afford even a mortgage.

  1. Retrenchments

Those in poor professions are always retrenched because they are replaceable. If you always feel insecure with your job, we note that you are in a useless career.

  1. Not everyone will do what you do

Some careers like medicine, engineering and law only suit those who studied relevant courses. It’s hard for a stranger to fit into these careers without training. Good careers are those that are unique and only accommodate those who studied relevant courses.

A useless course attracts everyone and anyone can do the task you do.