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One Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You – Here are the 6 Signs



Before heart attack kills you, there are critical signs that occur in your body one month into the fateful day.
Heart attack will not just happen, there are basic reactions your body will encounter as early as one month before the condition attacks your body. Some signs may seem normal while others occur for the first time. Doctors advice people to seek medical attention immediately they notice these signs.

A heart attack can occur when the flow of blood and oxygen to a section of the organ becomes blocked. The heart muscle begins to die from the lack of oxygen. If the blood flow isn’t quickly restored, that area of the heart can die. If medical intervention does not immediately occur, the entire heart can die, leading, of course, to death.

Here are six warning signs to watch for if you are concerned about the possibility of having a heart attack.

  1. Extreme fatigue

One early sign of a heart attack is extreme fatigue. Of course, fatigue is a normal feeling after engaging in physical activities or experiencing a long day. However, if you are constantly feeling fatigued and tired, you may need to schedule a check-up with your doctor to monitor the health of your heart

It is not natural to get enough sleep, eat well, and not exhaust yourself physically, but still feel exhausted.

  1. Sleep disturbances

Another warning sign of a heart attack is a disturbance in your sleep habits. Your subconscious mind may be telling you that something is wrong. You may wake frequently, need to use the bathroom frequently during the night, or experience extreme thirst during the night. If you do not have a logical explanation for these sleep disturbances, see your doctor.


  1. Shortness of breath

Experiencing shortness of breath can be a key warning sign that you are having heart issues. When your heart does not get enough oxygen, you can feel short of breath.


  1. Indigestion

Another early warning sign of a heart attack is indigestion. It is not normal to always have a growling stomach. However, certain spicy and irritating foods can normally cause indigestion.

If this condition persists, for at least a week, rush to the nearby doctor for medication.

  1. Increased anxiety

See your physician if you experienced increased levels of anxiety that do not have a ready explanation.


  1. Weak or heavy arms

When your heart does not receive sufficient oxygen to function, it can send impulses to you spine. When this happens, the nerves that are interconnected between your heart, spine, and arms send impulses that cause pain in your arms. If you experience numbness in your arm, you may be having a heart attack.

Keeping watch for these early warning signs of a heart attack could save your life. Share this information with your loved ones to protect their heart, too!