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Why Kikuyu Women are More Successful than Women from other Tribes in Kenya



I am not sugarcoating Kikuyu women, but a fact remains, they are more successful than women from other tribes. There are several reasons that put these special women above the rest in regards to success.

If by chance God miraculously takes all Kikuyu women to another country, this Kenya will lose thousands of lawyers, millions of entrepreneurs, thousands of doctors, thousands of  CEOs and many other professionals—they country will literary be without the energy we have as a country. To make it worse, three quarter of beautiful women will disappear from our midst.

Ideally, here are reasons why every Kenyan knows Kikuyu women are the most successful of all tribes in the country.

They don’t depend on men for success

Kikuyu women are more comfortable when single than in marriage. This attribute has helped them grow independently to beat women from other tribes who marry at a tender age, dropping their ambitions.

Sometimes men can slow your growth, others can feel jealous and prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Most Kikuyu women are single and happy.

Ambitious and focused

Kikuyu women are extremely ambitious. If one has set her mind that she would complete PhD, secure employment then settle down, she won’t shelve the ambitions.

There is not time this woman would leave his goals for marriage or any other thing that will detract her.

Entrepreneurial mind

A Kikuyu woman looks at any aspect of life from an entrepreneurial mind. If it’s marriage she will take it as an investment, or a contract with benefits. This belief has propelled them to glory.


Kikuyu women are the most intelligent of all…you can confirm even from KCSE and KCPE exams.

Easy to spot opportunities

These women know the most profitable opportunities. For instance, in a company they would grasp the most rewarding positions, such as finance, HR, procurement and CEO positions, leaving less attractive positions top other tribes.

Risk takers

Kikuyu women never fear challenging men in organizations, they neither fear investing in risk ventures. In return they are rewarded.