Why Most Luos are Poor despite Being The Most Educated Tribe



Majority of the Luos are poor, even the most educated. Today we are going to reveal the underlying reasons why this most famous tribe is ranked among the poorest tribes in the country.

Ideally, Luos should rank among the wealthiest tribes in Kenya, but there are basic things they do that negate the short term gains they may have achieved.


The first thing that hampers development among the Luo is ego. The most affected are Doctors and professors, who believe that with education one cannot undertake what is perceived to belong to the average population. It is hard to convince a Luo with a PhD to sell second hand clothes in Muthurwa, unless you want him to call you names.

Few Luos have ventured into business, and have actually succeeded.


For a long time, Luos have been chasing the presidency, unfortunately their savior,Raila Odinga,has failed to help them achieve the dream. During all this time, they have been having hopes of creating wealth through politics. What they should know is that politics is not the only source of creating wealth, there are other avenues.

There is one thing I admire about the Kikuyu, these people, despite their man being at the helm, they are extremely aggressive.

Mixed Priorities

Most Luos have mixed priorities. Take for example three individuals earning Ksh 100,000 each. A Kisii will rent a Ksh 7,000 house, same for a Kikuyu but a Luo will rent a Ksh35, 000 apartment in Kileleshwa and at the same time buy a Mercedes Benz through a bank loan. A Kisii and a Luo will also open small businesses to supplement their income while the Luo will have a yellow yellow Kikuyu lady, who knows how to eat money.

Five years down the line, a kisii will be a proud owner of Matatus in Nairobi,a Kikuyu will be a proud owner of apartments while a Luo will be a proud owner of a Toyota V8.The Kisii will give up on the job and concentrate with business, same with the Kikuyu but a Luo will enroll for a Masters degree with the hope of a salary increment. This explains why a Luo has mixed priorities.


Luos are the most extravagant tribe in the country. When it comes to spending, they can spend until the cock crows.

When salary is credited to their account, there is an effort by the owner to drain the bank account through lavish spending. This is the time a Luo would walk majestically to a car hire to pick a Toyota V8, then call his girlfriend for a night out. That night he will spend Ksh10,000.

Most Luo men are not aware of this rule, “save before you spend”, all they know is money is there to be spent, the remaining should be shared with friends.

Not innovative enough

Unlike the Somalia, Kikuyu and kisiis who try luck in everything, Luos have always concentrated on selling fish and looking for white collar jobs. They believe that the only source of income is employment.