Why Kalenjin Men Never Kiss their Women nor Say,”Love you”.



Tell me when you heard a Kalenjin man tell his wife, “I love you”, or you witnessed him fondly kiss his wife-never!

There are reasons why Kalenjin men never or rarely Kisii their women.

According to Chelangat,who has been living with her husband for 10 years, the man she loves so much has never even held her hand in public, not even getting closer to her in public.

“Huwa naambia bwana yangu,kuja tushikane mkono watu waone tunapendana.Kipngetich anaogopa and kufunika uso”.Hata kunikaribia kwa watu hataki”.

Mercy is another case of a lonely woman, whose Kalenjin husband will not say “darling” hata kama ako na raha,lakini yeye usema kila kitu akiwa amelewa.

“My husband of 7 years is shy, he can’t even say “I love you in public, he only utters these words when he is drunk”.

There are reasons why Kalenjin men behave as these women describe them. One of the reasons is that Kalenjin men are extremely nervous when it comes to facing a beautiful woman. Most of the guys from this tribe will rather initiate a conversation through Facebook than speaking to a woman face to face. This habit cascades into marriage, where they develop the phobia of saying, “I love you”.

The second reason is the fact that Kalenjin men don’t know how to express emotions, especially in regards to love. But you can tell when he is angry. For this man, buying a car for you is easier than initiating a Kiss.