How a Single Woman Past Age 30 Can Easily Get a Husband



If you are a single woman at age 30, there are things you can do to get a good husband. We know it’s difficult being single at this age, sharing the warmth with none, efforts are required to attract a potential husband.

Before you clock 30,there is a feeling that  time is there to get Mr Right, but as the most dreaded age approaches, fear and loneliness emerge, forcing a woman to cling to any man that proposes. At this age, you can easily mess up your life or make yourself miserable forever.

If you want to win a man at age 30, here is what to do

Change location

Sometimes you can live at a place for too long such that everyone gets used to you. If you discover that no one is interested to approach you, relocate to another town where few men know you.

Attend church and social events

The other trick you can use is to start attending the church and social events like weddings and parties. In church, you can decide to join a choir that has majority of the members being men. But as you do this make sure you don’t show the group your intentions.

I will suggest that you make sure every wedding event near you does not pass without your attendance. Weddings provide wonderful opportunity for single women to get partners.

Stop judging

The main reason why you are single at this age is because you have judged so many men to the point of narrowing down to none. Every man you meet, you realize he lacks something, you end up dropping him. One this I would assure you is that at no time you will get a perfect man-you should take someone with two or three things you love in him and overlook his insecurities.

Stop using your achievements as selling points

Another thing to avoid is using your education, investments and assets to get a man.The moment you tell a man, “I am PhD holder”, he will feel intimidated and leave you for a less educated woman. Your strong points should be your looks and dressing style, also your character matters a lot.

When dating a man, and you know well what you own, please don’t mention all your property, leave him to discover by himself later.

Change your attitude

You should change your attitude towards men if at all you need one.If someone hurt you sometime back,don’t take the feeling to the next man-he is innocent. Whatever other women say about men should be treated as gossip.

A positive attitude will definitely get you a partner.

Dress decently

Men are actually attracted to the image you portray as opposed to your possession. The more decent you are the more you attract serious men

Change your lifestyle

Your lifestyle also matter alot. In your location, if men know you as a party girl, a gold digger and one that every man wins, you will only attract your equals.