Kenyan Universities with the most beautiful girls


Which universities have the most beautiful girls in Kenya?

Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, but sometimes a girl can appear beautiful to any man. There are universities in Kenya that attract beautiful girls only, and here is the list

Daystar University

Walking into Daystar University, you will think heaven is next to the university-all the girls are dazzlingly beautiful.

The main reason Daystar has the most beautiful girls is because most of their courses are only pursued by beautiful girls. You can’t be ugly and pursue journalism, unless you intend to be jobless forever.

United states International University (USIU)

Popular degree courses here include journalism and communication, international relations and marketing. All these courses require petite girls, whose first impression will boost the brand of a company.

What is funny about the university, if a parent is not financially stable he cannot take his child there.

Cosmetics are key when it comes to beauty, and that’s what girls here also believe in.

University of Nairobi

The ego at the university is big enough to attract beautiful girls. Due to wide variety of courses at UoN and the fact that it’s situated at the heart of the city, it has some of the most beautiful girls in Kenya. That’s why you see fuel guzzlers snaking past UoN main gate along University way every weekend to pick the girls.

Mount Kenya University

Apart from offering each and every degree course existing on earth, MKU also attracts beautiful girls.

For every 3 MKU girls you meet on the road, two are beautiful, which is an achievement.

Technical University of Mombasa

Tata girls are in plenty here and yellow yellow are also not scarce. Technical University of Mombasa has very beautiful girls, but do we say!

Kenyatta University

KU has a mixture of ugly and beautiful girls but the beautiful ones outnumber the ugly faces.

One thing you should be aware of is that more than 30 % of TV and Radio presenters in Kenya come from KU.

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication could not miss in this list. Here you will not only find a wife but also make other men jealous. Girls in this college are exceedingly beautiful

Kenya Methodist University

Now that other courses have been incorporated into the curriculum, EMU has featured in the list.



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