Richest Comedians in Kenya



Who are the richest comedians in Kenya?Venas News would like to reveal names of top earners in this growing industry,with the highest paid comedian pocketing in the tune of Ksh10 million per month.

There are several comedians in Kenya, thanks to the ever growing industry motivated by Kenyans willing to listen to jokes for laughter. Though the industry is young, there is a small population which has found a gold mine in this lucrative industry. Some of them have made a fortune,that has translated to a five-star lifestyle.

If you want to know the richest comedians in Kenya, here is the list.

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill

Churchill has his own show at NTV dubbed Churchill show. He has nurtured some of the greatest names in Kenya, who include Eric Omodi,Chipukeezy,Fred Omondi,David the Student etc.Churchill is regarded as the best comedian of all times.

The comedian appears on Classic FM alongside Maina Kageni and  also  MCs  several events in the city.

NTV alone pays him Ksh 10 million in 6 months .He also pockets upwards of Ksh 2 million from Classic FM.

Churchill has invested heavily in real estate, entertainment industry and hospitality. He is also set to start his own TV station.

Walter Mongare

Walter Mongare, popularly known as Nyambane, is known since the times of Redyklas,which opened the gates for comedy in the country. Nyambani joined Kiss  FM while acting as a comedian.During those years,he used to earn Ksh 250,000 alongside radio queen, Caroline Mutoko. He was poached by the government and made the MD for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).He later joined Kisii County as Director of Communication and later Nairobi City County as the Director of Communications..

Having occupied top positions in various organizations, everyone expects him to be rich… and indeed he is rich. Nyambane makes over Ksh 1 million per month from his investments. He has invested in entertainment industry, real estate, agriculture and transport.

 Kazungu Matano aka jalango

Kazungu popularly known as Jalango works at Hot 96 alongside Radio powerhouse Jeff Koinange.He also features in various advertisements, has a recording studio and  also several business interests.Jalango was at one time featured on the popular K24 program, Young Rich, where he revealed his net worth.

Our sources say the comedian charges at least Ksh 250,000 when he appears as an MC at your event.He is invited to at least 4 events in a month.

Eric Omondi

Eric was initiated into comedy by Churchill-he should thank him for that-and he has remained afloat as other comedians struggle to put food on the table.

Though Eric is hanging between poverty and wealth, his account has some millions, proving that he has a bright future.

Other comedians

Other comedians are still struggling,with many staying in estates like Kayole,Kariobangi etc