Top 30 Best Degree Courses to Study at The University of Nairobi



When joining the University of Nairobi, you definitely have to select the best degree course. Based on Kenya’s ever changing job market and what employers prefer in job seekers, we have a list of top 30 best degree courses to study at the best university in Kenya.

We select courses with ready job opportunities, decent pay and potential of job promotions.

Here is a list of best degree courses at the University of Nairobi

  1. Bachelor Of Science In Actuarial Science
  2. Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
  3. Bachelor Of Science Mathematics And Computing
  4. Computer Science
  5. sc. (civil Engineering)
  6. sc. (environmental And Biosystems Engineering)
  7. sc. ( Electrical And Electronic Engineering)
  8. sc.(surveying)
  9. sc. ( Electrical Engineering)
  10. sc. (geospatial Engineering)
  11. sc. (mechanical Engineering)
  12. Bachelor Of Real Estate
  13. Bachelor Of Construction Management
  14. Bachelor Of Quantity Surveying
  15. Bachelor Of Commerce In Accounting
  16. Bachelor Of Commerce In Finance
  17. Bachelor Of Commerce In Human Resource Management
  18. Bachelor Of Commerce In Insurance And Management
  19. Bachelor Of Commerce In Procurement And Purchasing And Supplies
  20. Bachelor Of Commerce In Business Information Systems
  21. Bachelor Of Science (intercalated) (honors) In Medical Physiology
  22. sc. Human Anatomy(intercalated)
  23. Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery
  24. sc. Medical Physiology
  25. sc. ( Nursing)
  26. Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (bds) – 5 Year Course
  27. Bachelor Of Pharmacy
  28. Bachelor Of Economics & Statistics
  29. Bachelor Of Commerce – Finance Option
  30. Bachelor Of Commerce- Accounting Option
  31. Bachelor Of Arts (journalism & Media Studies)
  32. Bachelor of Real Estate Management

The most marketable course at the University of Nairobi is Medicine & Surgery, which attracts hundreds of students, but the course is only limited to the few A material students. Bachelor of Actuarial Science is another ideal course for mathematically gifted students, who would like to work for insurance companies, banks, research firms and stock market as actuaries.

Business related courses, especially bachelor of Commerce supplemented with CFA/ACCA are a top target by Kenyans planning to work as finance and accounting professionals. At the University of Nairobi, there are several options to choose from.

The last group includes IT and Engineering courses. World over, these courses are marketable, and graduates are highly valued by top employers.