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How to Become a Millionaire without Working Hard



Most millionaires don’t work hard, they employ strategy. As a common man, you can also become a millionaire without working hard. This is what to do.

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is universally accepted and has made thousands of people around the world millionaires. Over the past few months its value has surged, edging out major currencies like the U.S dollar and Sterling Pound. If you buy one bitcoin today you are likely to make at least $2 tomorrow. Imagine you do the business day in day out, how much do you think you will make?


Mortgages are not as bad as you may think. This is what to do. If you are in employment,take a mortgage loan and buy a house, then let out the house to a person in need.

Assuming you are required to repay the loan monthly and the amount to pay is $300, make sure you charge your tenant $400-$600 per month. By the time you will complete paying the mortgage loan, you are a millionaire.

I personally know someone who took mortgage loan, bought a home and let it out.Prices of houses around that estate shot up due to a public university that was built near his house. Paying $400 every month, he decided to charge his tenant $1, 000, making more than double the amount he was paying for the house.

Join pension/Provident fund scheme

Becoming rich does not necessarily mean you must become one at a young age. Sometimes you have to wait till you clock 55 years before you see a million. Pension schemes are good for people who want to retire gracefully. If you save $50 each month, by the time you retire you are a millionaire.

You can also join a provident fund, pay monthly premiums till maturity. Thereafter you will earn lump sum amount in terms of millions.

Identify a rare business

Another way of becoming a millionaire without working hard is to identify a less flooded but profitable business. This one will require a lot of thinking and strategy. Once you have set up the business, you don’t have to work hard.

Study the best university in College

If you study a less attractive university, you will be doomed. Before you enroll for a university course, do your research to determine which among the most popular courses will make you a millionaire. We have a list of top university courses that will make you a millionaire:

  1. Law
  2. Medicine & Surgery
  3. Actuarial Science
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Piloting
  6. Civil engineering
  7. Procurement & Logistics

The best program is one that with the best pay but with high risks. These courses we have identified have made millions of people in the world millionaires

Start a viral blog if you have passion

Blogging is turning out as one of the best opportunities for youths to make millions. If you have passion, you can make money from blogging while sleeping.

Work in a corrupt government as a:

  1. Senior government official
  2. Procurement officer
  3. Accountant

Do Forex Trading

Forex Trading can present a golden opportunity for people who want to make money while asleep. What you need is to open an online account, deposit some money and start trading-you will eventually make a kill.

Sell pure gold

Another way of becoming a millionaire without working hard is to sell pure gold. Identify the source, use a bank loan to buy the gold and transport into your country. You will make more than 10 times the buying price.

Invest in unit trusts

Unit trusts attract decent interest rates. The good thing about this is that risks attached to it are low but returns are high. If you want to become a millionaire without working hard, buy unit trusts from insurance companies or simply open a money market account.

Sell guns

There are countries where selling guns is allowed. If you have opportunity to do this business, please do.

Real estate

If you have some cash to start real estate business, you can start building cheap apartments and family houses for sale. Real estate business has minimal risks and high returns-it can easily make you a millionaire.