I Dumped My Campus Boyfriend, I Have Been Cheated Enough Since Then and I am Now Desperate. Advise Please



Four years ago I had a boyfriend in Campus, very handsome, honest, faithful and intelligent. I dumped him.

The reason why I thought I needed freedom was because I thought there were many men out here who could marry me.I dumped him because he was broke and never knew he could make it in life.

Immediately I completed college, I was employed as a banker-up to now I am still working as a banker. Since I had little time to socialize with men outside the banking hall, I was forced to date those inside my bank. Within two years I had already got bored with three men, who dumped me.I later started dating a politician, thinking I had made the right choice, he cheated on me again and again until I gave up.

It’s now four years since I dumped my boyfriend and I am still single, getting old and losing taste of men. I fear I might get old without even a child. Whenever I try to trap a man for a child, they use a CD.

Josiah, who I dumped in campus is still single but successful. I have tried to call him several times but he doesn’t pick my calls. Sometime he blocked me and later unblocked when I begged. What is the way forward?I feel useless.