Important things to look at before buying a used car



Before buying a used car, there are important things to look at in the vehicle. It’s obvious a used car has covered some miles and can easily be found unfit to be on the road. It’s therefore important to check whether these things are in good condition before you buy the car.


The more a car covers more distance, the higher the mileage it records. When you go for a used car, it implies you will buy a vehicle that has covered some distance. In most cases, the less the mileage covered the better, so when you narrow down to your preferred car, make sure it has covered as little distance as possible.


Normally, a used car should cost less than a brand new car. In most occasions, cars imported by SBT from Japan cost ¾ the price of a zero-mileage car. Sometimes they can cost as little as half the initial price.

This tells you that you have to check the price of a new car before you decide to pay for a used one, which must cost less than a brand new.


The engine of a car is everything. Before you decide to pay for the car, make sure the engine is in perfect condition. You can do this by hiring a mechanic to check all the engine parts to determine whether there is anything fault.

Engine condition depends on the owner. If the car was owned by a careless driver, even if it had not covered long distance, won’t be fit to be owned by someone who needs a quality car.

Year of manufacture

A car that was manufactured 10 years ago is less appealing than one manufactured 2 years ago, Using this criteria, the most recent car costs more than the one manufactured earlier.

Country where it was manufactured

When it comes to the quality of a car, the country it was manufactured matters a lot. Cars from Japan,USA,UK and Germany tend to be of higher quality than cars from India and China. This should also determine your preference.


The model of a car should also come in mind when you are picking your preferred car. Models from Japan are the most preferred because their spare parts are readily available.

Remember you are buying a used car, so there are high chances one or two parts might be replaced. So it’s wise to buy a brand whose spare parts are readily available.

Engine capacity

Engine Capacity matters a lot when it comes to the kind of a car you want to buy. Heavy cars tend to last longer than light ones. If a car has higher engine capacity, it means it can consume more but take long to wear out. It’s advisable to buy one with higher engine capacity and from Japan,UK,USA or Germany.