Sanlam Motor Vehicle Insurance Cover



Sanlam Insurance offers motor vehicle insurance cover, which is an important policy for those wishing to insure their cars.

Your car and household possessions play an important role in your daily life. If you need to replace any of your belongings because of loss, theft or damage, the right insurance can give you peace of mind that you can do so timely and properly. As a result, you can minimise your financial burden when things go wrong.


Cover any loss or damage by accidental means, such as theft, fire or malicious damage to your vehicle, and third-party liabilities like death, injuries and property damage.


  • Authorised repair limit – KSh30 000/-
  • Medical limit – KSh30 000/-
  • Towing charges – KSh30 000/-
  • Windscreen Limit – KSh30 000/-
  • Vehicle entertainment system – KSh30 000/-
  • Accommodation away from home. Up to KSh5 000/= and above charge 10% maximum limit KSh10 000/=
  • Loss of spare wheel and accessories. Up to KSh7 500/= free. Above KSh7 500/= charge 10% of extra limit maximum limit – KSh50000/=

Optional Benefits

  • 24-hour road rescue by Automobile Association of Kenya @ KSh3000/- per annum
  • Infama Road Rescue Membership @ KSh6 960/- per annum
  • Excess protector @ 0.25% minimum KSh3 000/= on accidental own damage
  • Political violence and terrorism @ 0.25% minimum KSh2 000/=
  • ATM robbery following vehicle hijacking – reimbursement. Up to KSh30 000/=. Additional premium charged at 10% of the amount of limit exceeding KSh10 000/= free cover limit
  • Loss of use with a time excess of days
  • Loss of personal effects charge 10% of the limit. Maximum limit KSh50 000/= excluding mobile and cash
  • Loss of side mirrors or head lights and rear lights. Loss of side mirrors charge 15% limit KSh25 000/= excess KSh5 000 of claim on replacement

Limits of Liability

  • Third-party persons – Unlimited
  • Third-party property damage – Limit of KSh20 000 000
  • Passenger liability – KSh3 million per person and KSh20 million per event
  • Geographical limit – East Africa (excluding third-party liabilities outside Kenya)

Special Conditions/Clauses

  • Riot, strike and civil commotion
  • Use by a motor trade
  • 30 days cancellation notice
  • Unobtainable parts clause
  • No blame no excess (subject to the police abstract blaming a named third party)
  • Agreed value subject to valuation at inception and renewal
  • Fatal Personal Accident for up to KSh250 000/- for authorised drivers
  • Legal liability of passengers for acts of negligence
  • Motor contingent liability
  • Motor theft cover subject to anti-theft device


Own damage – 2.5% of the sum insured; minimum of KSh20 000/- and maximum of KSh100 000/-


(With anti-theft device) – 10% of value minimum KSh20 000/-

(without anti-theft device) – 20% of value minimum KSh20 000/-

(with tracking device or fleet management system) – 2.5% of value minimum KSh20 000/-

Third-party property damage – KSh7 500/-

Young/Inexperienced Driver – Additional KSh5 000/- (under 21yrs/under 1yrs)